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State Accredited Law School

  BSL is not accredited by the American Bar Association and is not seeking accreditation from the ABA. The school is accredited by the State of Alabama through the  Alabama Legislature and the Alabama Supreme Court. Graduates receive the Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree, and are eligible to set for the Alabama Bar Exam.


Since 1915,the Birmingham School of Law has been offering a high quality affordable legal education to individuals who choose not to attend a traditional law school for financial, family or occupational reasons. Birmingham School of Law presents a unique opportunity for self-disciplined individuals to earn a law degree at night, while continuing their careers.


Birmingham School of Law has an outstanding faculty of practicing attorneys and judges. Students' learning experiences are dramatically enhanced by their professors' practical knowledge of the law and opportunities for "hands-on" training through courses such as Trial Advocacy Skills, Advanced Legal Writing, Legal/Judicial Internships, etc




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