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BSL History

  Birmingham School of Law has a rich history over the last one hundred years. The year Birmingham School of Law was founded, 1915, was the same year statewide prohibition of alcohol went into effect in Alabama, five years before nationwide prohibition. The year before, 1914, the Great War, (later to be known as World War I,) began in Europe. Three years later, in 1918, the great flu pandemic of 1918 was to kill 5% of the world's population - the deadliest natural disasters in human history.


The the Great Depression came and went and classes were moved to the Jefferson County Courthouse, where the school operated until May 1996. Through out World War II, the post war boom, the wild 60's, and right on up until the present BSL has continued doing what the law school has always done. That is graduating attorneys and judges for Alabama and the rest of the country.


In 1996 the school moved to the Frank Nelson Building in downtown Birmingham. In 2014 BLS brought and renovated the J.F. Oates building. The building will be renamed the Hugh A. Locke Building.




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